Assigning project tags to your consultation

Make use of project tags to make searching and grouping of project participants simple.

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Project tags are keywords attached to your projects, which help categorize your projects and participants. Tags can indicate critical areas of your organization, areas of interest for your participants, or project themes such as environment, budget, planning, etc.

You can use project tags to:

Project tags are automatically assigned to logged-in participants when they register for a project or engage with project tools.

Add Project tags to your project

You can add tags to your projects at any time, and Site Administrators can add or manage tags from the Project Tags section of your admin.

To add a tag to your project:

  1. Select your project from the Projects list.

  2. Enter your tag in the Project tags field. You can also add existing tags by selecting them from the list.

  3. Press Enter after adding each tag to add multiple tags at once.

  4. Select Save Changes. Once you save, these tags will appear on the Project Tags list and be available to other content authors.

Now you can use these tags to group or filter your projects and participants.

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