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Project tags and Hubs in the reporting page
Project tags and Hubs in the reporting page

How to effectively use projects tags in analysis

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While you're trying to pull reporting data under Project or Tool reports, you might notice the ability to select Tags and Hubs. Yes, that's right!

If you've assigned tags to your projects, you can now select tags to pull the data for these specific projects. If you are a site admin, you can also edit and delete tags on the Project tags page.

You also have the option to choose two conditions: And/Or. Projects with different tags can be pulled via the And condition. i.e. if you want to select projects which contain both the tags "budget" AND "development", you can use the AND condition and select these tags. The OR condition selects all the projects that has the selected tag.

If you have many tags, you can also use the search option to look for the exact keywords.


If your site has Hubs enabled, you can now specifically pull data for Hubs and the respective projects in each Hub. When you click on a hub, it automatically selects the projects associated to it.

In addition to tags and hubs being selected, you can also select individual projects not associated with either of these. You can download detailed reports for up to 5 projects.

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