Project tags allow you to assign key words or themes to your projects in order to help you organise your project participants and group them together. Tags are usually words that describe the categorisation of your project. These are sometimes key priority areas of your organisation or business unit, or they can be as simple as key words which help identify the nature of your project. ie. Water Pricing, Roads, Budget Review etc.
Note - This project tag is automatically assigned to a participant who registers to the project and to the participants who engage in the project activities (like commenting in a Forum, or responding to a poll) when logged into the site.

So these tags are useful when searching and creating groups of participants with the Participant Relationship Manager (PRM) as detailed in the latter part of this article. 

A tag can be given to a new project when you first setup the project details, or you can follow the below steps to edit the project description to add tags at any time.

1. Click on the Projects button on the left and select the respective project. 

2. Once on the project page, enter a tag of your choice in the field "Project tags". 

3. Once you enter the tag, it gets saved right away. You can add any number of tags by simply pressing the enter button after adding one tag. 

4. These tags are very useful to create groups of participants by project. Since participants who have engaged in your project or registered to the project automatically pick up this project tag, you can use this project tag to search for these participants in the Participants page to create a group for them.

To learn more about creating groups of participants using filters, read through our resource on Creating a group of participants using filters 

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