Before you begin building your site you should setup your engagement team in EHQ to help you manage the site and build projects. There are 3 main administrator types in EHQ including Site Administrators, Hub Administrators and Project Administrators.

To setup your engagement teams you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to Team > Add admin
  2. Fill out the new Administrators details. Be sure to include their First and Last Name in the Login box. If they are not present with you to select their own password, create a generic password and write it down. You will need to communicate this to them.
  3. Select the Administrator role you require for your team mate.
  4. Click on Create.

If successful you will be taken back to your Administrator list and you should see your new team mate in the list. You can now edit their access permissions and assign them projects.

Tip: When you are creating Project Administrators you will need to assign them to a specific project. You cannot assign a project to a Project Administrator if it hasn't been created.

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