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Learn how to setup your engagement team to help you build and manage your EngagementHQ site.

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A robust engagement team is essential to a well-built and managed site. Your team will help you build content, manage projects and participants, and report on consultations.

There are three types of administrators in EngagementHQ:

To set up your engagement team, you must add users as admins to your site.

Add admins

Your first option is the Add admins function. With this option, you, as the Site Administrator, are selecting their details.

Ensure you include their first and last name in the Login (this is your username) field, and take note of the Password you select as you must communicate this to the admin. Passwords must be 8-16 characters, contain numbers and letters, and have at least one lower- and upper-case letter.

  1. Go to Team in the main menu to access your Administrator list and select Add admin.

  2. Fill out the details for your new administrator; these details mirror the details from your Signup Form.

  3. Use the Role dropdown menu to choose the role for your new admin.

  4. Select Save.

You'll now need to send the login details to the admin.

Invite an admin

Your second option is to invite your admins to join the site.

  1. Go to Team in the main meu and select Invite Admin.

  2. Enter your staff member’s email address in the User email field and use the User role dropdown menu to select their permissions.

  3. Select Invite.

Your new team member will receive an email to activate their account; once this is done, they can fill out the rest of their user details.

Remember, when you add Project Administrators, you must assign them to a project. Once you've added your team, you can edit their details, change their role, and add them to more projects from your Administrator list.

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