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New Feature: Split Graphs on Likert Questions for Better Comprehension
New Feature: Split Graphs on Likert Questions for Better Comprehension

In the Survey Analysis tool, we have now improved the way Likert Charts are displayed.

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Written by Gayathri Rajendiran
Updated over a week ago

Likert questions are quite popular scalar question in our Surveys. However, we have seen many instances where the usage of this question type is sub-optimal. We have often seen statements (sometimes as many as 40!!) and more than a few options (more than 10). This kind of usage is difficult to interpret especially in a Likert Chart as there are far too many statements and options to make sense of it.

The ideal solution to the above challenge is to educate the customers on the optimal usage of the Likert Scale question. (Ideally you should have around 5 statements and 5-7 options). But this is not always achievable. 

In the interim, we've provided an alternative to enable Admins to visualize such Likert Questions through multiple charts, one for each statement, that allows the Admins to understand the summary of responses for each statement.

Please note that Likert split charts will only work for:

a. SurveyAnalysis - Web & PDF
b. Filteringresponses - Web & PDF 

Also, Likert split charts will not work for:

a. Comparing responses
b.Cross tab
c. Detailed Report 

The support team can now enable this feature for you when requested. 


  • While webview will be able to handle numerous statements, the PDF is optimized to work for upto 20 statements within a Likert question.

  • If there are numerous options and long option names, the web view will handle it with pagination but on PDF this will get truncated to show only the first page.

  • While defining the questions there are no character limits. However, in the web view, we can accommodate upto 110 characters beyond which we will truncate the statement and show and ellipsis “…” . The character limit for the PDF will be at 45 characters.

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