Introducing: Tag Manager

An interface for you to find, view, maintain and remove project tags.

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Better project tag management for site administrators. Do more with Tag Manager.

Tag Manager lets site administrators create and maintain project tags in one dedicated and intuitive interface:

  • Sort tags by name, number of projects and creation date.

  • Keep tags organised and tidy with tag naming conventions

  • Quickly and easily add, remove or manage and edit tags

  • Streamline sorting, organising and finding projects for participants and admins

Tag manager makes finding the project you're looking for quick and easy.

  • Use Project Showcase and project tags to organise your consultations and make them easier to find for you and your community. Name your tags in meaningful and consistent ways; example tag categories may include: Transport, Petitions, Waste Management, Parks, Care, Community, Sports & Leisure.

  • Embed tagged projects on your corporate website or campaign landing page using Project Finder. Control how your projects display and increase the ways your community can search and find relevant projects.

  • Automate which projects feature on your homepage with Appearance Editor - by heading to Appearance > Projects > Click Auto select under Project Selection Mode > Select Project Tags > Publish. Find out more.

  • Pull Project Reports based on tags - understand your communities sentiments, compare across tools, identify gaps and optimise your engagements in real-time.

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