Participants shouldn't have to do their own detective work just to provide input on topics that matter. Engagement Embeds are powerful web elements that let you generate a code snippet or stand-alone link to place surveys and quick polls in various web environments, increasing project discoverability and participation.

Access this feature by clicking 'Share' in your project tools bar and learn how to start sharing here.

Three ways to start using Engagement Embeds today

1 Ask for development application feedback in context

Are you looking for an easy way to get feedback on development applications? You can now embed a survey alongside planning information on your corporate website without requiring the participant to log in and generate a QR code using the stand-alone link for the front of the property, adding more touchpoints than ever to your engagement ecosystem.

2 Poll community satisfaction after a service or consultation

Want to drive better critical outcomes and deeply understand if you are meeting community expectations? Customer Satisfaction surveys or CSATs help you measure satisfaction levels with your services and engagement practices. Use them to gauge community needs, understand problems with your processes and segment participants by score for personalised follow-up communications. Check out some examples here.

3 Find out what you missed

EngagementHQ provides a centralised bank of community insights and feedback to help you make decisions, but sometimes it can be hard to know what questions will yield results. That's where free-text additional comments and follow-up surveys come in handy.

Use the embed code to ask if you missed anything at the end of a consultation, add it to a 'thank you' page or include a stand-alone link in follow-up emails. The best bit? You can use Engagement Embeds for protected project pages - so your surveys and quick polls are public, while your project stays private.

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