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Introducing: Engagement Embeds
Introducing: Engagement Embeds

Meet your community where they are

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Engagement Embeds offer a seamless way for community members to provide valuable feedback across various digital channels. Instead of restricting communities to a single feedback channel or format, diversifying feedback collection brings a range of benefits:

  • Liberate Engagement Projects: Break free from the confines of a single environment to expand your outreach and interaction.

  • Access Timely Resident Feedback: Gather real-time input from residents in the context of their interactions, capturing insights as they arise.

  • Simplify Tool Management: Streamline your toolset by centralizing engagement, reducing the complexity of managing multiple tools.

  • Ensure Consistency: Deliver uniform and consistent engagement experiences to all participants, promoting a more coherent approach.

  • Enhance Feedback Discoverability: Improve the visibility of feedback and insights, making it easier to identify and act upon valuable information.

  • Broaden Community Representation: Enable a more diverse range of community members to participate and share their perspectives.

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