When should I use a forum?

Understand when to use the forum tool in your next engagement.

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This article focuses on when and how to best use the Forum Tool. For technical instructions on how to set up the tool, please click here.

What is the Forum Tool?

The Forum Tool allows you to set up discussion topics that you would like your community to discuss. They can do so by adding their own comments, by replying to other people's comments or by agreeing (thumbs up) or disagreeing (thumbs down) with other comments.

When is the Forum Tool best used?

Consider using the Forum Tool in projects where you want your community to voice their opinion and discuss on various topics. Also use the Forum if you want to get involved in the discussion as the project team and facilitate the conversations.

What do I need to consider?

The Forum tool is EngagementHQ's most open tool. That means people can see what other people are saying and they can get talking. Although this tool is moderated (unless you have opted out of moderation), the conversations here are never censored. Everyone's opinion is weighted the same way and visible to anyone.

It's not really happening. How can I increase engagement?

First look at your project. Is the Forum really the right tool to use? Ask us if you are unsure.

If the answer is yes, look at the discussion. Have you made it clear in the introduction what you want people to discuss / have their say on? Have you set the expectations of how this discussion will affect the project outcome?

If the answer is yes, look at supporting documents, videos or photos. Is there anything you can include to 'kickstart' the discussion. Maybe you want people to discuss a key document. Is this document easy to find and easy to understand? Maybe you want to include a photo or video in the discussion so that people can get informed before leaving their comment.

Ask us if you are unsure via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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