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About the Forum Tool

Understand when to use the forum tool in your next engagement.

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The Forum tool is a safe environment for participants to interact with each other. They can comment on a topic you set, comment on each other’s contributions, and like or dislike comments. The Forum tool is most effective in projects requiring the community’s voice and opinions; it is an open discussion tool.

Using the Forum tool

When adding the Forum tool, you can Preview it to see how your participants can interact with it.

An example of a Forum

The Forum displays the content admins enter in the Title and Description, with space for participants to comment below. You can use these fields to present forum topics you want users to discuss or create a completely open forum space.

Participants can:

  • Select Go to Discussion on the project page to see the complete forum discussion, or select Quick Reply to post a comment immediately.

    A forum on a project page with the discussion and reply links highlighted
  • Use the Write a comment field to post comments on the Forum. There is no character limit for posts, and they can select Submit when they’re ready to post. If the Forum is set to Unverified participation, users are prompted to provide an email and username before submitting.

  • Tag any user who has already commented on the Forum by typing the @ symbol and selecting the user from the list. Tagged users receive an email with a link to the comment.

  • Check the Notify me when a reply is posted box to be notified if another user replies to their comment.

    An example of an unverified participant writing a comment
  • Select the pen icon to Edit their comment. Please note this is only available until the user clears their cache on their browser or their session expires.

  • Reply to, Like, or Dislike other users’ comments. You can also use the share features to share comments on social media platforms.

    A Forum comment with like, dislike and social media buttons highlighted
  • Use the Alert moderator button to report comments which need to be escalated to the moderation team. Participants who use this feature are anonymous to the original poster of the comment.

  • Filter comments by Recently active or Posted first.

Tips for using the forum

There are some considerations to use the Forum to the best of its ability:

  • The Forum is EngagementHQ’s most open tool, so users can see what others in the community are saying and discussing; everyone’s opinion is weighted the same and visible to all.

  • We can moderate this tool and remove offensive posts and comments.

  • If users aren’t engaging, remember to consider if the Forum is the best tool for the situation. Ensure you have explained to your participants what you want them to discuss and how their participation will affect the project outcome.

  • If you want people to discuss supporting documents, images, or videos, ensure that you have made them easy to find and understand. For example, if you have buried a key document in your project description, participants may struggle to find it and associate it with the Forum topic.

Add the Forum tool to your consultations if you’re ready to facilitate open discussion.

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