Whether you are ready to launch your EngagementHQ for the first time or you are about to go live with a new project, there are certain steps you need to consider for a smooth lift-off.

Publishing a new project

Whenever you launch a new project or consultation, there are two checklists we recommend you consider. One is technical in nature, the other is more about best practice. Consult both for the best possible result.

Technical aspects

Use this checklist to ensure that your visitors have a good experience. That means making sure everything works as you expect and is visibly pleasing. The below are best done in chronological order:

Best Practice

Making sure that your project is looking good and working as expected is one thing. Maximising your engagement by following the below best practice advise is just as important.

Have you...

  • included a call to action? Your project title and parts of the description should have a call to action.

  • kept the project description short and sharp? Use the project description to introduce the project and encourage your visitors to get involved. Keep it as short as you can. If the text is long, use the truncate description option.

  • used imagery and colours? Include emotive imagery and video, particularly of people, and more particularly faces, is striking. 

  • kept text in plain English? Do not use compound sentences or jargon. Leave the Thesaurus on the bookshelf.

  • enabled engagement tools? You are working on EngagementHQ. Make sure you use the tools that are provided to engage with your community. Don't publish projects without any engagement tools enabled.

  • disabled empty widgets? If a widget is empty, remove it.

  • invited your community? Nobody will engage if nobody knows the project exists. Use all channels available to you to drive traffic. In particular, make use of the newsletter function and send a quick email to your database.

  • NOT overloaded the page? All of the above is important, but don't overdo it either. White space is important too.

Also, review our Checklist for Site launch if you are launching the site too.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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