"How do we share projects for review before launch?" and "Can I share projects with a non admin for review?" are commonly asked questions by our clients before a site launch or publishing a project. 

The answer is - Yes, you can share draft projects with anyone via a unique link.

Per the above capture, you should see a button to 'share project' on the Manage project page. It will provide two options: 1) Directly copy a link to share with your reviewer OR 2) Send an email to a reviewer or a group of reviewers.
This will ensure that the project is not visible on the front-end to the general public but only to users with this unique link.

Once generated, the link will be active for 7 days. However, you can revoke or deactivate this link at anytime. You can click on the Manage Share button to perform this action. The link generated cannot be extended. Upon expiration, a new link can be generated.

You can regenerate another unique link, after revoking an older link. This feature also displays an audit trail of the link generation and revocation activity. 


  1. Tools will need to be published within the draft project to ensure reviewers can view the tools on the project being shared.

  2. Participation in tools in a draft project is not allowed.

  3. Also, the time displayed below the link is in GMT time, 24-hour format.

  4. The reviewer can only view the first page of the survey tool using the share draft project link.

  5. The survey participation type should be set to Anyone or Unverified, when you share the draft project link. If the participation type is set to Registered, the reviewers will not be able to view the survey questions. The participation type Registered can be set just before publishing the project.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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