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Sharing draft projects for review

Learn how to generate a unique link to access a draft project

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Sharing a draft project link allows you to get projects reviewed by people who are not administrators, even before you launch your site. You can generate a link from your draft project page and copy it or email it. Review links are valid for seven days, which you cannot extend but can revoke anytime.

To generate a review link:

  1. Select Share Draft Project on the project page.

  2. Select Generate Private Link in the Generate / Share Link tab.

  3. Use the Copy Link button to copy the link and share it.

  4. Or, enter as many email addresses as you need to under Share link via email. Selecting Send Email will take you to a draft in your email client, where you can customize the email content further.

After sharing the review link, you can select Manage Share on your project page to see an audit trail of link generation. This will give you the link, the time and date it was generated, and the time and date it expires. Please note that the system will use GMT in a 24-hour format.

Select Revoke Link to invalidate it; anyone you shared the link with will no longer have access.

Reviewers can only view published tools on shared projects and cannot participate in them. Additionally, they’ll only be able to see the first page of a survey and only if it’s set to Anyone or Unverified participation. If you need to set a survey to Registered, you can do so just before you publish the project.

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