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When can participants upload files?
When can participants upload files?

Use tools like Places, Stories and Surveys to enable participants to upload files.

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Participants can upload photos/images in the below listed tools:

  • Places  - Use Places to allow your community to upload photos or images related to a specific location. Read about 'Add Photo' in article Participant view of places

  • Stories - Use Stories to allow your community to share rich media like images and videos by simply embedding them directly into their story submission. Read about the participant view in the article Add a Story.

  • Surveys - Use the survey file upload question type to receive submissions in any format. Read about the 'File Upload' questions in our article Survey Question Types Explained.

For more information about tools and when to use them, read our help article What tools for what purpose. And, learn more about restrictions on file sizes and type in our article What are the file sizes and types supported on EHQ.

*Survey supports all common file types for upload not just images.

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