Hub Administrator User Guide

Use this guide to help you get started as a hub administrator

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EngagementHQ Hubs are available on the Enterprise Edition license.

EngagementHQ Hubs are collections of projects you can organize by department, theme, or any other grouping that makes sense for your organization.

Hub Administrators are responsible for managing Hubs, including the projects and reports within them and the users assigned to work on those projects.

Hubs Administrators can only access the content within their assigned Hub; they can only access projects or reports in Hubs within their scope.

This guide will cover the following:

Your role

There are several tasks that Hub Administrators must manage, including:

  • Build and manage your Hub landing page

  • Create, manage, or delete projects for your Hub

  • Create and assign Project Administrators to your Hub

  • Use Hub Tags to manage your Hub database

  • Oversee reporting for your Hub

  • Communicate with stakeholders via Newsletters

Hub Administrators are assigned to hubs by Site Administrators, and users with either role can create administrators and projects under the Hub. Only Site Administrators can create Hubs.

Setting up your Hub

To set up your Hub, you'll need to do the following:

Once you've set up your Hub, you can publish it and talk to your Site Administrator about linking it to your site's homepage.

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