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Manage your hub landing page with the appearance editor
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The Appearance editor is a useful and convenient alternative to the Home page manager. It allows more customization and has a lot of features.

Now, the same appearance editor is available with Hubs. Hub pages can now be customized and made to appear in line with your home page.

These pages are perfect for organising projects by department, theme or any other categorisation of your choice. Only a Site Administrator has the privilege to create a new hub and assign a Hub Administrator to manage the space. Given below is the step-by-step procedure to create a new hub.

To use the appearance editor on your hub pages, click on the Hubs button.

This will take you to the Hubs page where you can select any existing hub page or create a new one. Once the hub page has been created, you will be taken to a page where the option to try the new Hub page editor option is shown.

After you click on the button, you will be taken to a new page with the various templates on offer. You can choose the template as required.

After choosing the template, you can then add various sections to your hub page which is similar to the sections in the appearance editor for your home page. To know more about the sections, please click here.

The Header and footer elements cannot be edited with the new Hub page editor. To edit or modify, please use the appearance editor.

Once the sections are all filled up with the content as per your needs, you can either Save it and choose to publish it for later or publish it right away. This is similar to the appearance editor on the home page.

Note: You can publish the hub page only after the home page of your site is published.

An additional option available here is the Settings button next to Publish. This gives you a few options that are specific to hub pages.


This section allows you to edit the Hub title, description, add hub tags, and assign hub admins to the hub. You can also delete hubs from this section.


The visibility section shows the visibility of the hub and the project along with the option to change the permalink of the Hub page. Visibility can be set only when creating the hub for the first time and cannot be changed after.

Hub Image

You can add an image that will be the supporting image for your hub. This will appear on the home page of the site. A caption for the image along with the description can be added here.

The hubs on appearance editor has a new feature called Protected hubs. You can know more about the same by clicking here.

Note: In case you are working on both the new Appearance editor and the Hubs with appearance editor options, there are a couple of conditions to be met before you can access it. They are:

To view the hub page editor option, the appearance editor has to be published.


Should have a draft or ready-to-publish version of the appearance editor home page.

You can get in touch with us at or by chat if you have any more questions on the new Hub page feature.

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