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Site Decommissioning Checklist
Site Decommissioning Checklist

Understand the activities to complete prior to closing down your site.

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Below is a checklist of items that you could consider doing before decommissioning your site.

  • Ensure that all your projects have been archived, so your participants are aware that the consultation has concluded. Read the article Archive your project for details on how to archive your project, if not yet done.

  • Send a final email to all your registered participants, to thank them for their contributions and let them know that the site will be closed. To get detailed instructions, read this article - Sending emails to your database. You could also consider encouraging them to join another online engagement site (eg their local council) so they can continue to have their say on local projects of importance to them. 

  • Send an email to your site and project administrators to let them know that the site is being decommissioned and will no longer be accessible.

  • Download the entire EngagementHQ participant database.

  • Download a complete site report (all projects, all time)

  • Download any other project-specific detailed reports from the analytics section.

  • Download any formal or legislated submissions required for record-keeping purposes.

  • On each project review the document library, photo gallery, and video gallery to save any required documents, photos and videos.

  • Check that any hyperlinks from your other sites to the EngagementHQ site or platform are re-directed correctly.

Once you are ready to decommission your site, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to finalize the date when the site will be taken down permanently.

NOTE - For information on site data please refer to the customer data policy article.

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