Project administrators are currently restricted from adding or publishing new projects using EngagementHQ. This is to ensure maximum user permission control of the platform. For this reason it will be the responsibility of either a site or hub administrator to assign new projects to project administrators.

Before you assign a project to a project administrator you first have to create the project. Read this article on how to Create a new project. Also, check that you have the required project administrator created. Read the article on Setting up your project team to learn how to create a project admin.

Now, to assign a project to a project admin follow the steps below;

Click on the Team button to be taken to the Administrators section of the platform.

Find the project administrator in the list who requires access to the project. Click on the edit button next to the respective admin. 

Enter the name of the project and click Enter. The administrator will have access to it. After entering the project, it gets saved automatically. There is no need to click on the Save button.  

After you have assigned project access to your project administrator you will be required to notify your teammate and they can now login and start building the project.

You can also add a project administrator by simply going to the respective project, then click on the Settings button, and then Advanced. Once there, enter the administrator name into the Add Project Admin field. 

Note: While inviting project admins to log in on the site, please ensure the following actions have already been performed:

  1. Share site lock if it is still enabled on your site.

  2. Assign a project to this admin

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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