As with any website project, you will need to first think about your website architecture and the ways people are going to be able to discover your content.

If you haven't already done so, make sure you've read our article choose a template before you start to map your site.

Because EHQ utilises a fixed set of homepage templates, project page layouts and tools, it's quick and easy to plan for your site architecture by drawing a wireframe of your homepage.

How do I wireframe?

Start with your chosen theme front-page and visualise the content for your site.

On a piece of paper draw out the wireframe for your selected homepage and start to mark in the projects and pages you would like to feature.

The images below shows two different wireframes for each of our templates and you should use these to draw out a plan for your site. You can find your project wireframe by visiting the Site>Theme section of your EHQ admin area.

Use these wireframes to guide the building of your site.

Things to consider

It's best to think holistically about your projects when trying to decide how best to map your site. Below are some things to consider when you are drawing out your site plan.

  • Your site navigation should include static pages describing your site and detail information on how to get into contact with you.
  • Think about how you want to categorise your collection of projects using your navigation
  • Use your project cards to link to either a project page, static page or directly to an engagement activity.
  • Think about the supporting widget content that will appear on your homepage. Are these Faq's, documents, images, timelines? What pages will you put this information on? 

Note: Widget information on homepages is drawn from widgets on your individual project pages. We suggest you create site level information widgets and host them on an "About" page.

Mapping your site makes it easier to share site plans with your project teams and also cuts down the time required to build your site.

It will also help you determine how many images you need for your initial site launch.

What's Next?

Learn about how to get the right sized images for your site.

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