With the new Home Page Editor, we have the option of choosing a variety of templates for the home page. While we have carried over Bondi and Whitehaven from the previous home page editor, we have also added few new ones: Cottesloe, Burleigh, Gold Coast and Crestview.

Note: Changing the template will cause all your content on the home page to be lost. You will have to add the content each time the template is changed.

To change the template, click on the Appearance tab > Home Page Editor > Templates.


The Bondi theme from the previous home page editor has been carried over. While the project tiles are the same as before, the widgets on Bondi will now appear below each other rather than side by side.

You also have a new banner image appearing at the bottom of the page, as shown in the screenshot. You can edit or remove it as required.


The Whitehaven theme too has been carried over from the previous version of the home page editor and the layout is the same.

You do have the option of adding the widgets just like on Bondi. To add widgets, just click on the "Add a section" button.


This is one of the new templates available for the home page. This template has a prominent banner at the top which supports a description and a button that can be customized as required. This is followed by a featured project card. This can be used to highlight a popular project on your site.

Another unique addition to this template is the Slider section. This gives the option to add a link to a project or a tool or to an external site as required.

This template also supports widgets that can be added by clicking on the "Add a section" button.


Burleigh is a simple template that has a banner image with the option to edit the description and add a button. Below the banner, there are a couple of project card lists.

This template also has the option of a slider that is added below the project card lists. Widgets can also be added as required.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast template is another new template on the Appearance editor. This one has a slider right at the top.

Below the slider, there are project card lists which can be customised with the number of projects in each one of them. Widgets then appear below the project card lists. New ones can be added by clicking on "Add a section".

This template adds another banner that appears below the widgets at the bottom of the page.


The final template on the Appearance editor is the Crestview. This template is similar to most of the above ones, barring the fact that this has a slider in the middle. It has a large banner at the top and project cards below it.

This is the preview of the Slider that appears in the middle of the template.

Note: Each of the templates is flexible in terms of customization and the layouts are not fixed. When you click on the "Add a section" button, all the available options like banners, projects, and widgets will be visible. You can know more about the different sections by clicking here.

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