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Understand how to publish, unpublish and schedule publishing of your project

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This task is for Site Administrators or Hub Administrators.

Before publishing, you should ensure the project works as you expect and looks great on all devices. We recommend consulting our Checklist for project publishing to ensure that everything is ready for your project to go live.

Once your project is ready for consultation with your community, you can Publish it immediately or schedule publication for later.

Publish your project immediately

To publish your project instantly:

  1. Go to Projects from the navigation menu in your EngagementHQ admin, and select your project from the list. If you have many projects, use the search function to locate it.

  2. You'll see a dropdown menu on the project page stating that your project is in Draft status. Expand this dropdown menu and select Publish.

  3. In the Publish project pop-up screen, select Publish now > Publish now. Your project will go live immediately.

    Once your project is live, you can continue to make updates and Save changes while it’s published. However, we recommend you make updates to develop the consultation rather than making extensive content changes.

    If you do need to make drastic changes, you can follow the same instructions to Unpublish it; this will switch it back to Draft mode and take it off the live site. You can Publish it again once you make the necessary changes.

    Schedule project publication

    You can also schedule your project to publish at a specific time and date.

  4. Follow steps 1-2 above, then select Publish later in the Publish project pop-up screen.

  5. Use the calendar to select a time and date for publication.

  6. Select Save. Your project is now scheduled, and you can check the time and date by expanding the status dropdown menu.

  7. To reset the schedule, select the previous schedule from the dropdown menu and use the calendar to make your changes. Save when you're finished.

  8. If you want to delete the schedule, select the previous schedule from the dropdown menu, then choose Delete. Save when you're finished.

Project pages will display the date they have been published or updated at the bottom of the live page. To disable this, go to Site Settings > Project settings and switch off the Display page published and last updated dates toggle.

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