After creating a new project, you can choose to publish it immediately or set a schedule. Note that only after the project is published will it become visible to add to the site homepage. Also, before you publish, review our checklist for project publishing.

The following steps describe how to set a schedule or publish the project immediately.

Select the Projects link in the navigation bar of EHQ and click on your specific project. You can use the Search box to locate the required project.

This displays the project page. Click the Publish option from the dropdown menu.

The following Publish project screen is displayed.

You can view the following two options in the Publish project screen:

  • Publish now – an option to publish the project immediately.
  • Publish later – an option to set a time for self-publish.

Select Publish now and click the Publish now button to publish the project immediately. The status of your project changes from Draft to Published, as indicated below. 


Select Publish later and click on the calendar icon to set a date and time for publishing.

Select a date and time for publishing from the calendar.
Note: The time set must be your local time. 

After setting the date and time, click Save. You have successfully set the project publish schedule. Check the publish date and time on your project’s page by clicking on the dropdown menu, as indicated below. This indicates that the schedule is saved.

After you have set a schedule to publish your project, you can reset or delete it. To reset or delete the schedule, perform the below steps:

Click on the scheduled date displayed in the panel of the project page. The following Publish project screen is displayed. Make the necessary changes to reset the schedule. In case you want to delete the schedule, click the Delete button.

Click Save to save the changes. The new schedule is displayed in the dropdown menu of the project page.

Once published, the Unpublish option becomes visible. When you click on it, the consultation goes to draft mode and the Publish option will be available again. After all changes are complete, you can publish it again.

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