There are several places within EHQ that email addresses can and need to be configured across the site. All of these things can be done by site administrators.

Site Settings > General

There are two fields that you will need to add information to.

1. Site email address

This email address is a mandatory field and used as the "reply to" address for all site newsletter and tool related emails. That means whenever your participants: 

  • reply to a notification email that has been generated by the site - e.g. a notification that they have completed a survey, asked a question or submitted a comment, etc - their reply will be sent to the Client Email specified. That way your project team is notified if the community responds to a tool notification.
  • reply to a bulk newsletter you have sent to your database. Their reply will be sent to the Client Email specified.

This particular email setting applies to all projects within your platform.

2. Email Sender Name

  • You will also need to fill in the Email Sender Name field. This text is displayed in the FROM field of emails (tool notifications and newsletters) generated from the site. It is best if this is easily recognisable by your community and complements your engagement brand - it can be as simple as the name of your engagement site.

TIP : Create a specific email address for your engagement brand. This way, the email is not attached to a particular staff member and can be forwarded to any number of staff for internal email management.


The other place you can customise email notifications is within each individual tool.

  • When setting up your feedback tools, you will notice an Email Configuration / Email Templates tab on most of the tools when they are in manage mode. Navigate to these and select where you want Admin notifications to go to.
  • The email addresses entered within these areas can be a specific project team member or multiple team members - simply separate the emails of all the people you want to receive tool specific notifications with commas.
  • Note that if you do not specify a notification address, the data is still captured in your Analytics section. The email notification is simply there for convenience.

TIP : We highly recommend including a notification email for your Q&A tool. It is important to be able to respond in a timely manner to questions asked on the site. The notifications will ensure that you have access to any new questions as they come in.

Examples of the Email Configuration tabs in feedback tools:

Survey: Email Settings are found in the survey settings when a survey is opened for editing. 


Q&A notification settings

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