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About the Quick Poll Tool

Learn about the Quick Poll tool

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The Quick Poll tool encourages participants to engage and answer a single multi-choice question quickly. Admins can set up a poll on a specific topic and gain immediate insight when participants vote.

There are many uses for a Quick Poll; for example, you could use a Quick Poll to:

  • Gain opinions on new design concepts

  • Understand which services need improving in your organization

  • Gauge interest and understanding of specific issues

Another important use is to help kickstart engagement as they are quick and easy to complete, and participants can see the poll results. Admins and participants can also share the poll on social media to boost outreach.

The Quick Poll is the only tool that can be displayed as a widget, and you can have multiple polls on one project.

Using the Quick Poll

Admins can Preview the Quick Poll from the project page to see how it looks for a participant. Your community members will see your question and the radio button answers you have provided. Participants can:

  • Choose their answer and select Submit to vote. When they Submit, participants will also see a thank you message, which you can configure to encourage further participation.

  • If multiple polls are available, participants can use the Next and Previous buttons to switch between them.

  • Users will immediately see the poll results and can select Change Vote to choose a different answer.

Tips for using the Quick Poll

Here are some things to consider when using the Quick Poll tool or widget.

  • You can run concurrent polls and display them in the tool or widget space; there will be Next and Previous controls so your community can see them.

  • You cannot have the Quick Poll widget and tool display simultaneously.

  • The default poll to display will be the top one in your Quick Poll list. You can drag and drop them to reorder your polls.

  • You can choose your participation type as Registered participants, Anonymous, or Unverified participation. Unverified users must provide a screen name and email, but Anonymous users don’t have to.

  • We recommend keeping your questions and answers as brief and readable as possible.

  • You cannot use images in your poll options.

When you’re ready, you can start adding Quick Polls to your projects and facilitate easy engagement.

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