While it is generally best practice to encourage your participants to register to your site on their own, if required, EnagagementHQ allows you to manually upload or invite participants into your database.

Add Participants Manually
In order to invite a new participant to your database you need to follow these steps:

Select the Participants link in the navigation bar of EnagagementHQ. You can view the Participants page, as displayed below. 

Click the Invite button in the Participants page to invite a participant to engage in your campaigns at EnagagementHQ. 

On clicking the Invite button, the Invite a Participant page is displayed.

Enter the email address of the participant in the Email box and click on Invite. A notification email will now be sent to the participant’s email address requesting for them to complete their registration process.

Bulk Importing Participants
When you have a database of the email addresses of participants, you can bulk import participants in EnagagementHQ. Read our article on Bulk importing participants into EngagementHQ for detailed instructions. 

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