EngagementHQ allows you to control the way automatic email notifications appear when a new participant registers or makes contributions to your site.

There are two options available to help you manage these notifications;

  1. Let EHQ manage this for you (recommended)
  2. Customise your email notifications using HTML (advanced)

Below we describe how each option can benefit you and your online engagement activities.

Let EHQ handle notifications for you

The easiest way to manage notifications from your EHQ as it instructs our system to take care of it for you. 

We highly recommend this option for most users as this is the fastest and most reliable way to send email notifications.

Our auto-managed email notifications have also been designed and tested to help drive engagement with your projects by including relevant upcoming and related projects.

Using a combination of project tags, upcoming key dates, participant followed projects and last updated projects our system will automatically recommend your participants the most suitable projects.

Letting EHQ handle all of your email notifications includes;

  • Complete registration instructions
  • Password reset information
  • Moderation emails
  • Contribution notifications (when a participant leaves a comment, reply, new idea, pin etc..)

Below is an example of a notification email received by a participant as a record of their contribution on a forum.

Activating EHQ Notifications

To enable this option, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Click on the Site settings link in the side navigation bar of EHQ. Then from the menu select Messages and notifications
  2. Click the checkbox to allow EHQ to manage email notifications for you.

With this option selected you can also customise a few lines of welcome text within the emails to help you personalise the auto generated email sent during the registration process. To do this;

  • Select the edit button list to reveal the custom message editors for Activation Email and Complete registration instructions. 
  • Type the custom welcome message you want to appear in these emails and click save.
  • You can also preview your message by clicking on the Preview eye icon. Make sure you save your edits before previewing them.

The custom welcome text you enter will appear after the salutation as shown in the image below.

Important Notes

  • EHQ notification emails will search through your brand colours for the best contrasted solid colour to work with white text. This will appear in the banner of our emails and also apply to text highlights. If you would like to change the colour of your emails then you will need to change your brand colours or instead use the custom email notification options (outlined below).
  • The templates for each notification are automatically created by the system and only the text can be modified.
  • Emails will automatically generate variable information such as the name of your organisation and site, the project title, your email address and the users name and pre-populate these into your emails.

Custom Email Notifications

Another option available for managing auto email notifications is to usilise custom HTML emails.

Having the ability to customise your email notifications means you can include your own design and style elements as well as your own custom text.

This option is only recommended for advanced users as it requires knowledge of HTML and CSS in order to style the emails effectively.

An example of a custom email notification for completing registration can be seen below.

If you choose this option, it is essential you include the EHQ variables in your text if you want participant and site information to be shown on the emails.

Important: If you are editing the complete registration email, do not delete the {{confirmation_link}} variable as this will prevent your newly registered participants from completing their registration. This variable provides a unique url as part of authenticating your new participants account.

When custom EHQ notifications has been selected, all contribution specific notification emails are required to be setup when activating an instance of our engagement tools.

ie. If you turn on a new Places activity on a new project, then you will also need to setup your email notification text and template during that process.

Activating Custom EHQ Notifications

In order to activate custom email notifications from your EHQ site, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Site settings link in the side navigation bar of EHQ. Then from the drop-down menu select Messages and notifications
  2. Un-check the checkbox to allow EHQ to manage email notification for you.

When you choose this option you are then able to edit the following email notifications:

  • Emails sent during registration process
  • Emails generated by moderation actions (changes are not recommended)
  • Email sent when edits to participant comments are made
  • Email sent when replies to participant comments are made

To edit these emails, simply click on the option you wish to edit. 

If you need to use HTML code, directly add the HTML code within the email content and use the preview option to view if the code is successful. 

You can also use the variables underneath the editor to auto populate participant information into your emails. 

Below is an example of a plain text email and EHQ attributes being used to customise email text.

EHQ Variables / Placeholders

When using custom email notifications you have access to a range of different variables to automatically generate site and participant information into your email notifications.

Below is a list of variables which can be used;

Activation Email: 

{{confirmation_link}}, {{username}}

Do not delete the {{confirmation_link}} variable otherwise you participants will not be able to complete their registration.

Complete registration instructions / Imported users registration instructions: 

{{confirmation_link}}, {{username}}

This email notification get sent to participants if they are imported into your database or are resent their complete registration information. 

Changed screen name email: (changes not recommended)

{{name}}, {{site_name}}, {{client_name}}, {{link}}, {{site_url}}, {{old_username}}, {{new_username}}

This email notification is sent to a user when our moderators change the screen name submitted by a user because it breached moderation rules.

Removed by moderator email: (changes not recommended)

{{name}}, {{site_name}}, {{page_name}}, {{topic_name}}, {{comment}}, {{client_name}}, {{link}}, {{site_url}}

This email notification is sent to a user when their contribution is deleted by our moderators.

Topic moderation email: (changes not recommended)

{{name}}, {{site_name}}, {{client_name}}, {{link}}, {{site_url}}, {{topic_name}}

This email notification gets sent to a user when a new forum topic is deleted by our moderators.

On reply:


This email notification gets sent to users when another participant replies to one of their comments.

What's Next?

Don't forget to configure where your notification emails come from by setting up your default site emails.

If you need to change your custom emails back to EHQ default use our default text recommendations.

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