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How to use the Document widget to display your documents and materials

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After adding documents to your project, you can view the total document count in the widget’s section of your project page.

The common file types supported in the Document Library are :

  • Text Documents - PDF, MS and OpenOffice Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS and OpenOffice Word (.doc, .docx), MS and OpenOffice PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

  • Audio Files - mp3, wav, x-wav

  • Video Files - mp4, mpeg, mov (Quicktime), flv

  • Image Files - jpg / jpeg, gif, png, bmp

  • Other- zip, xml

Note: We do not support .avi file type temporarily.

To edit the Documents widget, click on the widget name (Documents in this case), as indicated in the figure below. 

By default, the widget is published after you configure it. A published widget is live and visible on the site. If you do not want the Document widget to be displayed in the published project, select the Hide option. If you want to permanently delete the Document widget from your project, click the Bin icon to Delete.  

You can preview the widget in your project by clicking on the Project Preview button located in the top right corner of your project page.

The preview of the project is displayed in a new tab. You can select documents by simply ticking the checkbox beside each document. The selected documents are displayed directly in the preview.

To view the unselected documents, click on the more option. The following screen with all your documents is displayed. 

Click on a document file name to view its content.


  1. As part of enhancing the user experience on mobile view and improved URL security, we no longer support viewing the documents inline.

  2. The direct link to the document can be copied from the backend of the widget by clicking on the "hyperlink" icon visible next to the document.

Can I only show document folders?

Yes, we do offer collapsible folders.

Adding multiple Document widgets to showcase different documents.

The Document widget can be added multiple times in your active widget list.

The following steps describe how to set up multiple Document widgets to showcase different documents within a project:

  1. Open the project in which you want to add multiple Document widgets and proceed as per the procedure given in the share your key project documents article.

2. After adding one Document widget, use the same instructions to add another Document widget. In this manner, you can add as many Document widgets required. After adding multiple documents, you can view them in the project page as per the screenshot given below.

A screenshot of how the 3 Document widgets will be displayed to participants is provided below.

The link to the documents will open each of these directly. Clicking on the more.. link will open the widget in a new window, displaying all the documents stored in that widget.

Note: Each Document widget is independent of the other, and each displays its individual content.

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