EngagementHQ is very strict about file names of images, videos, and documents. We don't do this to be complicated, but to ensure that all participants can download your files, regardless of their operating system, device, or strict firewalls and Anti Virus software. 

All of the below are ILLEGAL characters and must be removed from your file name before you upload it to EngagementHQ . We recommend just use letters and numbers and describe the file as best as you can. 

Something like "Foreshore Reserve (Masterplan): 15/06/2017 * version 15 & final!" is not only going to be invalid but is a bad practice too. Rather have a simple and descriptive name in lower case letters, like "foreshore reserve masterplan"

  • # hashtag or pound

  • % percent

  • & ampersand

  • { left bracket

  • } right bracket

  • \ backslash

  • < left angle bracket

  • > right angle bracket

  • * asterisk

  • ? question mark

  • / forward slash

  •   $ dollar sign

  • ! exclamation point

  • ' single quotes

  • " double quotes

  • : colon

  • @ at sign

  • + plus

  • this also includes the accents of the Roman alphabet, used in various languages

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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