Link Projects to your Hub Homepage

Create links to assigned or external projects on your hub's homepage.

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This task is for Hub or Site Administrators.

When you publish a project, you must create a link to it on your hub's homepage to ensure your participants can interact with it. Using the Projects section in the appearance editor for your hub, you can:

Auto select

Auto select will automatically link projects that are assigned to your hub. You can sort and filter by:

  • Select project tags: select project tags from the dropdown to list any assigned project with that tag.

  • Show project status: choose whether to show the project status (Published or Archived) on listed projects.

  • Filter by project status: choose to display All assigned projects or only those that are Published or Archived. You may want separate Projects sections to differentiate between published and archived projects.

  • Order projects by: choose if you want to list the assigned projects by order of the Date published (most recent first) or alphabetically by Title.

  • Number of projects to display: enter the number of projects you want to list.

Manual select

With Manual select, you can choose which project is linked on each card. By default, there will be six cards available; you can add more using the + button. Here's how to link a card to a project within your hub:

  1. Use the Card Type dropdown to choose to display either Projects or Tools.

  2. If you're linking to a project, use the Select a project dropdown menu to select a project which has been assigned to the hub.

  3. If you're linking to a tool, first Select a project, then use the dropdown to Select a tool from that project.

  4. Customize (if necessary) Project Image, Title, and Description, and toggle Open link in a new tab if you want the project or tool in a new browser tab.

  5. Select Delete project to remove the link from the hub homepage.

When you select a project or tool, the image, title, and description will auto-fill in the card; you can edit these if you need to.

Custom URL

The Custom URL option allows you to link to projects or pages outside of your hub. This can help if you have some projects that you want to link to multiple hubs.

  1. In the Projects section, select Manual select and choose Custom URL from the Card Type dropdown menu.

  2. Paste the complete URL (starting with https://) into the available URL field. To find this URL, go to the backend of your project page and select Copy page URL.

  3. You'll need to edit the Project Image, Title, and Description, as these details will not auto-fill.

  4. Toggle Open link in a new tab if you want the page to open in a new browser tab.

  5. Select Delete project to remove the card link.

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