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Learn about the support services available to help you with EngagementHQ.

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As a user of EngagementHQ, you have access to a range of support services to help you get the most from our software and your online consultations. Each client has access to the following resources;

Customer Success Consultants (CSCs)

Customer Success Consultants are available to help your organisation through your project planning, training, and account management questions. They are here to help you scope your site and guide you through our onboarding process.

Use your Customer Success Consultant for strategic catch-ups, peer reviews, quick advice or even to help you with more complex questions or challenges to do with engagement planning and implementation. 

To find out who your Customer Success Consultant is, please get in touch with us via chat or email at

Help Desk:

Our Help Desk team is available 24/5 to help you with your technical issues or quick advice. You can get in touch with our Help Desk team by utilizing our in-app intercom chat facility for quick advice or by sending a support ticket to our email address. If you need to report a technical issue, please make sure you clearly explain your issue and provide screenshots where you can support your report.

EngagementHQ Platform Training:

All admins of EngagementHQ have access to our regular training sessions via our learning management system, Granicus Learning. These sessions are designed for all new Site and Project Admins and will take you through the core functionality required to get you up and running with a new project.

You can access online live webinars and on-demand recordings, which are perfectly suitable for groups. Register for these sessions at at any time throughout your license. For help accessing the LMS and registering for training, please check out EngagementHQ Training with Granicus Learning.

Premium Service and Face to Face Training:

We also have a range of premium support services and paid face-to-face training options available. Please let your local Customer Success Consultant know if you are interested in this extra level of service.

Our three step approach to organizational success ;

1. Select your level of support - Select from our annual support packages or develop a unique plan to suit your needs.

Our core package offers all EngagementHQ clients:
- Help desk resources for self-directed learning
- Invitations to client meetups & professional development workshops
- Regular monthly webinars
- 24/5 chat and email support
- 15 min first response chat
- 2 hr first response email

- Setting up projects & tool selection
- Database management
- Developing organisational capacity & processes
- Planning your projects
- 1 x 60min instructor-led online refresher training per annum.

- 10 hours of support and advice from the services team

- Strategies for driving participation
- Utilising different methodologies
- Best-practice planning & tool selection
- Organisational buy-in
- Support for major projects
- Design & layout
- Annual Benchmarking Report with strategic recommendations for improving practice.

- 20 hours of support and advice from the services team

- 5 min first response chat

- 1 hour first response email support

- Instructor led refresher training

Build your own requirements and tailor a support plan for your specific needs. Custom plans are suitable for larger teams or clients looking for whole-of-organisation approaches to engagement. If you have other requirements, get in-touch with your Customer Success Consultant to discuss.

2. Book your sessions - Work with your EngagementIQ expert to schedule your sessions and access advice and training.

3. Add custom support and services - Work with our team to add additional support and services such as onboarding , site build and brand integration to your plan at any time.



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