Email subscription management for admins

Learn about the various types of emails sent to an admin and how they can manage their email subscription

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This feature of EnagagementHQ enables admins to receive information regarding projects through emails and/or subscriptions.

The Email Preferences feature is used for the following:

  • Admins can subscribe to receive information on various activities related to the project.

  • Admins can unsubscribe from receiving information related to a project.

The following steps describe how to use the Email Preferences feature.

1. Click on your profile icon located in the menu bar of EnagagementHQ. A drop-down menu is displayed. Click on My Account

2. It will take you to the site dashboard page where you can see the option- Email subscriptions under profile on the dashboard menu. Click on Email subscriptions.

You're now on the manage your email preferences page.

Here you can see two sections:

  1. Digest emails: Under this category, you'll see 2 subcategories:

    • Archival summary email: This email contains a summary of activity on your project sent when you archive the project.

    • Weekly digest email: This email contains a summary of activity on your project campaigns. It is sent out once a week.

  2. Subscriptions: Here you can find/see a list of project pages to which you've subscribed for updates via newsletters.

Note: The campaign summary emails are sent from -

Admins can unsubscribe from the digest by disabling the toggle next to the respective email options. You can unsubscribe from the subscription emails by clicking on the Unsubscribe button next to the subscribed project option.

You can re-subscribe to the subscription emails by entering your email address and clicking the Subscribe button on the Follow project widget on the project page you want to follow.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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