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Managing high traffic on your EngagementHQ site

Learn about EngagementHQ capabilities w.r.t managing high traffic on your site

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It's not unusual for a public engagement site to receive high traffic at times. Therefore, it is essential that we have measures in place to take care of such high traffic and ensure smooth participation for your project

Often admins approach us with questions such as "My survey is not working. Is it due to a large number of participants taking the survey at the same time?" or, "We have recently launched a campaign and are expecting a huge traffic on our site. Will my site crash? Is my EHQ site capable of handling such high traffic?"

The answer to this question is - yes, we are capable of handling any amount of traffic on your site. Our servers are hosted on the AWS cloud and can be scaled to handle any load. The capacity is determined by the number of concurrent requests at any given time into EngagementHQ. We scale our servers as per the overall traffic we face at any moment.

Note: If you're expecting an unusual amount of traffic ( in the range of 10k and above) on your consultation, it would be a good idea to keep our support team informed so that we can take measures, if required, to avoid any adverse situation and also to ensure smooth participation for your target group.

We use Amazon’s Application Load Balancers (ALB) and Auto Scaling group feature to create logical groupings of Amazon EC2 instances that are load balanced and setup to scale automatically.

We use the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instance replicated across multiple Availability Zones (AZ) within a region. This is managed by AWS and scales on demand.

We use m4.2xlarge currently.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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