Custom code is an advanced feature that allows site admins to inject custom code into the body or header of their EngagementHQ site.

This feature enables the use of 3rd party apps, tracking codes and pixels and other custom code modifications where code injection into the <head> or <body> tags is required.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️
Custom code is an advanced feature, we do not support scripts or modification codes that are injected using this feature. If you inject code into EngagementHQ you accept the risk associated with modifying your site.

Using Custom Code

To use the custom code feature navigate to Site Settings > Custom Code.

Paste or type the script of code you want to inject into your header in the <Head> box.

This is typically where you might be instructed to paste scripts for 3rd party apps such as chatbots or other widgets.

Paste or type the script or code you want to inject into the page body in the <body> box.

Code injected into the page body box is typically pixels and SEO instructions provided by 3rd party services.

Code injected into the page body will be added to all pages of your site.

Click Save to save changes to the page.


If you are experiencing issues with your EngagementHQ site after you modify code in the custom code editor, we recommend you remove the injected code and refresh your site.

If you are having trouble removing injected code, please contact our support team.

If you require assistance with a 3rd party code, contact the vendor who provided the code for further troubleshooting.

We do not guarantee injected code will behave as expected.

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