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Announcing: Removal of Homepage Manager
Announcing: Removal of Homepage Manager

This article describes the deprecation of Homepage Manager

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Announced on: October 11th 2021

Removal: June 30th 2022

This article describes the removal of the legacy Homepage Manager and covers the following topics:

What does this mean?

Effective June 30th 2022, EngagementHQ will no longer serve the legacy Homepage Manager to accounts that currently have it enabled.

Why is EngagementHQ removing Homepage Manager?

Homepage Manager is a legacy feature and has limited compatibility with recently released features. Appearance Editor templates provide a better performing and more accessible Engagement site experience and support project search and filtering at an advanced level. EngagementHQ will no longer be supporting or testing new features on the legacy Homepage Manager, development efforts focused instead on Appearance Editor.

Who is affected by the change?

All accounts that currently have Homepage Manager enabled will be affected. Follow these steps to check if your site will be impacted:

  • Find the setting in Site Management > Homepage Manager.

  • If under Site Management, you see the menu item: Homepage Manager, then your Engagement site has this feature enabled, and you will be affected.

  • If you do not see the Homepage Manager menu item, it is not enabled, and you will not be affected.

What should I do if I am affected by this?

Now that you have access to Appearance Editor, you should begin the migration process; follow our guide found here. You have until June 30th 2022, before you can no longer access Homepage Manager. This gives you plenty of time to migrate to Appearance Editor and take advantage of new capabilities. Once your new homepage build is complete in Appearance Editor, and you're ready to turn off Homepage Manager, hit 'Publish' in Appearance Editor to disable Homepage Manager.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

This is a legacy feature. If you 'Publish' your homepage in Appearance Editor, you are disabling Homepage Manager, and the menu item will disappear. You cannot re-enable it again.

If you have a custom EngagementHQ site - set up your new homepage as a draft in Appearance Editor and get in touch with our support staff when you're ready to publish. Find us via email at or the chat function at the bottom right-hand corner.

What happens if I do not migrate before the removal date?

If you have not migrated to Appearance Editor and customised your new homepage, your Homepage Manager content will transfer to the default Bondi Appearance Editor theme. Colour and content is subject to change based on the default theme.

Who should I contact if I need help or have questions?

Please reach out to our support team ( or find answers to frequently asked questions here.

For additional assistance, talk to your Engagement Manager about adding a Homepage Refresh service to your licence.

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