Feature removal is not a process that should go by unnoticed. Bang the Table understands that we must actively inform our customers and ensure that an upgrade process is in place before removing features and functionality. Because of this concern, Bang the Table will actively notify our customers through the channels listed below.

Knowledge base Announcements

Every feature that is being removed will be announced in Announcements. The removal announcement will include the general information, related milestone dates for removing the feature, what each phase of the removal will consist of, how it impacts clients, and instructions on migrating or upgrading to a new feature if one exists.

Messaging in EngagementHQ

When a feature removal has been publicly announced, EngagementHQ will reflect this in two ways:

  • In-app message: An alert will be shown to all users on any accounts that are affected by the removal. It may be challenging to determine exactly who is affected, in which case, Bang the Table will err on the side of caution by hitting anyone who might be affected.

  • System flag: Features that have a removal date will display a small flag. This alert will be permanent and cannot be removed. It will be displayed to all users (never to participants). It will link to articles explaining the removal process.

Email communication

We will use transactional email to communicate feature removals. Transactional emails are emails sent out by EngagementHQ to all users in EngagementHQ. These emails are reserved for important communication, such as breaking changes or other announcements requiring immediate attention. We'll keep emailing customers until the removal date or until they take action to switch to the new feature. The content of these emails will include similar information as, and link to, the feature removal announcement.

Person-to-person communication

Finally, we do understand that some of our customers switching to a new process isn't a one-person job. For any account that has an assigned Engagement Manager, you might receive personalized communication from your account team in addition to the email and in-product notifications.

This communication may include emails with specific instructions from a trusted source, a phone call to help scope out the migration process, or ensuring that all of the essential procedures are preserved as the switch is made. This may also include adding services aligned with sunsetting features if and when appropriate.


The below timeframe are guidelines for feature removal and may differ depending on the complexity and impact of the removal.

Removal Type

End of life timeline

Low effort and impact

6 months

High effort and Impact

9 months

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