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Introducing: Exclude Participant Details from Survey PDF Reports
Introducing: Exclude Participant Details from Survey PDF Reports

New Privacy Packed PDFs

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EngagementHQ has added a new protection layer for customers and communities to continue improving how we handle and share personally identifiable information (PPI) and mitigate risk.

What is changing?

Previously, when a user downloaded a Survey Detailed PDF Report, they obtain a list of each submission with the details of the participant and their responses to the survey questions; now, Admin's can decide whether to show or hide these details when they download the report by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting > Survey Analysis www.yourdomainhere/admin/reporting/survey_analysis

  2. Select a project from the search bar dropdown

  3. Select a survey

  4. Click "Download Report"

  5. Under "Survey Detailed Report," tick "Exclude participants personal details."

  6. Download PDF

  7. Open PDF download

Why did EngagementHQ make this change?

As part of our ongoing commitment to protect customer and community privacy, this is a part of an overarching security and reliability update applicable to the EngagementHQ platform.

This change aims to improve privacy options, remove the need for manual handling, and increase our reporting options for different user types.

This new functionality enables the quick sharing of Survey Detailed Reports with PPI excluded, removing the need for users to edit the report manually. To find out more: Excluding Participant Details in Survey Detailed Reports.

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