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Removal of support for Internet Explorer 11
Removal of support for Internet Explorer 11

EngagementHQ will no longer support Internet Explorer 11.

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Key Dates

Announced on: 1st April 2021

Support Ends: May 1st 2021

EngagementHQ will discontinue support for Internet Explorer 11 effective May 1st 2021. For customers who are required to use a Microsoft browser, we recommend Microsoft Edge as an alternative browser which will remain fully supported by EngagementHQ.

Microsoft announced plans to say farewell to Internet Explorer 11 and is no longer updating IE11. Here's an article explaining why. If you are currently using IE11 we recommend you switch to Edge or another supported browser to ensure you have the most secure and best possible EngagementHQ experience.

Why are we doing this?

In 2015, Microsoft introduced a whole new browser experience with Microsoft Edge as a replacement for IE11. With this release, Microsoft no longer provides major updates, including security and functionality, which supports complex web-apps such as EngagementHQ. To ensure we can build a modern, secure and powerful web application that meets our customers' needs, we have decided to focus our support on more modern internet browsers that support these goals. The gap between IE11 and more modern browsers means we expend considerable effort fixing and avoiding defects that only appear in this one browser. This has the effect of limiting our technology choices for future improvements and updates and impacts our ability to deliver reliable and functional software our customers expect.

Currently, only about 2% of weekly users are using IE11 which means we are confident in removing support for IE11 to concentrate on the latest browsers and technologies. This change means that after May 1st 2021, new EngagementHQ functionality may not work on IE11 and support issues relating to IE11 such as minor bugs or cosmetic or styling issues will not be fixed.

What do I need to do?

Update your systems to ensure that all of your EngagementHQ Admins use a browser that will remain supported. See the list here.

Am I affected?

If you have EngagementHQ Admins who currently use IE11 to work on the EngagmentHQ site, they will need to update to another supported browser before May 1st 2021.

Who should I contact if I need help or have questions?

Please make contact with our support team via chat or email with any additional questions.

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