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EngagementHQ supported browsers and devices
EngagementHQ supported browsers and devices

Internet web browsers and devices supported by us.

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EngagementHQ supports the current and last prior versions of the following browsers (desktop and mobile):

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

If your browser is not up to date, we might not be able to help you troubleshoot issues. 


As EngagementHQ is a web app with no application to install, the application only requires a supported browser as listed above to run.

While EngagementHQ is fully responsive on the participant side, the administrator side is not. That means trying to manage your EngagementHQ through a tablet or mobile phone may or may not work. We recommend you use a Desktop Device when managing the administrator side of the site.


If you are on an older version of these browsers, we highly recommend you upgrade to the latest. Not only will you have a better EngagementHQ experience, but you'll also have a much better (and definitely safer!) general web experience too.

You can check what browser you are using, by clicking this link (External Site)-

You can update your browser by clicking this link (External Site)-


Having the latest browser is important for a number of reasons. Here's why you should try to keep your browser updated on a regular basis:

  1. Security: this is the number one reason you should update your browsers. Each new version of the browser patches any known security holes. Microsoft Edge, one of the most widely used browsers is closely linked to Microsoft, so any security holes make it easy for hackers to access your computer files.

  2. Web Standard Compliance: similar to security, each new browser release makes improvements to their web accessibility standards. That means on older browsers, many websites will not display properly, EngagementHQ included. Having a new browser means you will have a much better User Experience (UX). Think about how many hours you spend online?

  3. Faster speeds: newer browsers have much faster processing and rendering speeds - which means less time you spend waiting for pages to load.

  4. Better usability: there's a whole range of things that relate to this, but one of the big things is tabbed browsing - talk about being able to multi-browse.

  5. More control: newer browsers give you much more control over your private data, settings, cookies, and cache actions.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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