Create a Landing Page for Projects

Link projects from another project to create a landing page.

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If you have many projects or a large project that can be divided into smaller consultations, you can use an overarching project as a landing page to link to others.

For example, you may have a significant multi-phase redevelopment project, taking participants from planning through to design and construction. It could confuse users to see a homepage with separate consultations for one major project. Instead, you could use a project page with a Newsfeed to create a landing page for the major project.

A project landing page differs from a Hub; if you want to add Hubs to your license, please contact our support team.

The Newsfeed tool allows you to briefly introduce and link to each project, giving you a space solely for promoting other projects. You can also use widgets like FAQs or Important Links to provide supplemental content. Additionally, the News Categories widget allows your participants to filter projects by the assigned categories.

To set this up:

  1. Create a new project, giving it a title and any necessary introductory content.

  2. Populate your page with the required widgets, but remember these widgets should contain information relevant to the overarching project; any specifics can be added to the individual projects.

  3. Add the Newsfeed tool and start creating your project links as articles. Give each article the title of a project and add a brief description. As this will be a link to the complete project, there is no need to add all the project content here.

  4. To create the link, go to the Settings tab and paste the complete URL of the child project into the Title Link field. You can also add Categories in this tab if you're using them.

  5. Save when finished and continue adding links using the Add an article button.

  6. Publish your articles and the project when you're finished. You can edit the Newsfeed title by selecting the pen icon in the tools tab.

Now that your landing page is ready remember to add a link to it on your homepage; you might find the Featured or Banner sections helpful here.

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