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Delete survey test responses

Delete a published survey's test response.

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You should always test a survey before it’s published, as your submission won’t be recorded, and it allows you to make any edits you find.

Changing a published survey can impact the data you collect from respondents. The best option is to Unpublish and clone the existing survey, make changes to the clone, and Publish the amended survey. You’ll end with two datasets to combine, but this is the safest option.

In the scenario that you or a colleague has submitted a test response in a published survey, you can discard the response from the reports. There is no way to retrieve a discarded response.

  1. In your email, find the Acknowledgement to admin notification email you, as the admin, received after the submission.

  2. Select the If this is a test response, click here to discard it link.

  3. A Discard response window will open on your browser; select Discard > OK. You'll see a success message when the response is gone.

If you can’t find the email, please contact Support via chat or email, and include the following details:

  • Project and Survey URL

  • Participant screen name, email address, and Response ID

  • Date and time of the response

Once our team has these details, we can delete the response for you.

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