Delete survey test responses

Delete a published survey's test response.

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Administrators usually test their survey before making it go live. Testing a survey is highly recommended, but this should always be done BEFORE the survey is published and EngagementHQ allows you to do this easily.

Amending published surveys

Administrators should refrain from changing already published surveys as much as possible! We understand that there are instances where a change cannot be avoided. In such instances, please familiarize yourself with how altering a published survey can affect data by reading this article before making any changes.

The safer option is always to unpublish the survey first, clone the survey with a couple of clicks, make your change and republish the amended, new survey. You might end up with two different sets of data at the end (if you have received responses in the first survey), but you can easily combine the two in Excel afterwards.

Deleting test responses

Should you ever be in a position where either yourself or a colleague has submitted a test response in a published survey, with our new upgrade, you can now discard the response from all reporting. As outlined above, ideally it would not come to this because you have tested the survey before it was published, but if it does, look out for a link at the bottom of the survey notification email you got when a new response was submitted.

If you can't find this notification email, please contact the support desk via chat or email at with the following details, they will delete the response for you from the back-end with the technical team's assistance:

  1. Project and Survey URL

  2. Participant email address and screen name 

  3. Date and time of the survey response

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