Note: If you want to test your survey(s), you must do so BEFORE you publish it. Do NOT test an already published survey, because your data will be recorded.

When your survey set up is complete, we recommend previewing and testing it. The following points will help you check the survey before publishing:

  • Check the working of the applied logic. When using conditional questions, ensure to re-check on the logic applied in the Survey.
  • Be sure of the process that a participant would follow.
  • Have a logical sequence of the questions.
  • Remove all illogical questions and typos.
  • Take the survey from a participant’s perspective to fix any logic, before publishing.

The following steps will describe how to get a preview of the survey:

  1. Navigate to the survey in the project. Click on the Preview button.

2. The project preview page is displayed. Select the Surveys & Forms tab if not displayed. Click Take Survey. As long as the survey is unpublished/draft, you can complete the survey and your submission is not recorded.

3. If you have enabled email notification of survey responses, check the email to verify that the responses are recorded. NOTE - Check the spam/junk folder to ensure the email is not being filtered.

We recommend you also read this article on amending already published surveys.

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