Upgrade: Accessible Video Player
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Building on our commitment to making EngagementHQ accessible for all visitors, we are releasing a new video player in the coming weeks which is fully accessible, mobile ready and easy to use.

Making the video player accessible for a larger audience will broaden your potential engagement and is also a mandate for many government, educational, and corporate applications. People with a disability represent a significant part of the population and require information to be presented in an alternative form or text. Some of the features that ensure accessibility in the video player include close captioning, screenreader support and keyboard navigation. This enables effective communication between assistive technology and web browsers.

This release is part of our continued commitment to making EngagementHQ fully accessible. You do not have to take any actions. Videos that are uploaded into EHQ will now simply play via the new video player.

For a detailed description (with screenshots!) of these new features, please download the Release Notes attached with this article. Do let us know your questions or concerns, if any.

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