With the new admin user interface, we have added a feature that allows admins to enable a feature that shows a pop up for cookies to be allowed. 

The participants have the option to either accept it or to manage the cookies from their end.

Note: Cookie popup on participant side will not be visible by default. Site admin can go into Site settings and turn it on.

 Participants can further edit the settings by clicking on the Cookie Policy button in the footer section. 

Once a participant clicks on the Cookie Policy link, you will be taken to the Cookie Policy page. You can then click on the link "Click here to view or modify these settings".

This will take you to the section that will allow to enable or disable cookies.

Participants have the option to disable the Analytics and Social media cookies but not the Essential cookies which is necessary for the site to function properly.

Note: Participants can disable the Analytics and Social media cookies only when the these options are enabled in site settings.

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