Thank your participants for their submissions

Learn how to re-direct participants to another interesting project or consultation tool after they have completed one activity

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After participating in one of your projects, you want to ensure your community feels heard and encourage them to continue engaging. A well-written thank you message can go a long way towards:

  • Driving engagement in other projects and tools

  • Ensuring your participants feel heard

  • Encouraging participants to share their submission (and therefore your site) among their networks, promoting the consultation, and increasing participation

Some tools can send users email notifications, but these tools have an on-site success message:

  • Quick Poll

  • Stories

  • Guestbook

  • Q&A

  • Survey

The advantage of this is users remain on your site and are immediately encouraged to keep participating. To configure your thank you message:

  1. On your project, either Add a tool or Edit an existing one.

  2. Go to the Settings tab and use the Thank You Message text editor field to write your message.

  3. Save and Publish your tool.

  4. Once a user submits their contribution, they’ll see your thank you message.

You can use anything in the text editor to write your message, including emoticons, images, and hyperlinks. We recommend using this space to link to other projects, engagement tools, or related links.

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