Whether you are ready to launch your EngagementHQ for the first time or you are about to go live with a new project, there are certain steps you need to consider for a smooth lift-off.
Pressing that launch button and going live is an exciting time. Ideally you have spent a good amount of time planning your consultations, now its time to execute your strategy. Here is a checklist for your site launch:

  • Think about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). Read this article for a SEO specific checklist.
  • Publish your project(s). Review our Checklist for Project Publishing for the project specific checklist.
  • Design your homepage. It is critical that you pay attention to your landing page (homepage). Make sure that it looks good and makes sense. Ensure that all images you use are high in quality but low in file size.
  • Do one of these two:  Press your 'launch site' button (image below).  This button can be found in the left-hand corner under PROFILE. Pressing it will make your site accessible. That means search engine will pick it up, your registration is open and the initial site block is removed. OR 
  • Remove the site block manually via Site Settings. In some cases, for different reasons, this button may have been clicked earlier and you have most likely re-applied the site block manually. If so, simply remove the site block in your site settings.  

Often EHQ admins want to give colleagues or other stakeholders a sneak peek before going live. Read our article on how to preview the project for detailed instructions on how this can be done. Your sign-up form/register page will be available, after you launch your site. 

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