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Checklist for launching your site

Review this list before launching your site.

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By now, you would have spent time planning your consultations and engagement strategy, configuring your projects and tools, and designing your homepage. It is now time to execute those strategies and launch your new EngagementHQ site!

But before you do, we recommend going through this checklist, to ensure everything is ready to go and your site launch runs smoothly. Here is your site launch checklist:

Ready to launch?

When you have checked everything off and your content and team and are ready to go, you can launch your site. Please note that once you launch your site, you cannot reverse it. However, you can use the Site Lock to prevent users from accessing it.

  1. Go to Site Settings from the main menu. At the top of your settings, you’ll see a Launch your site button.

  2. Select this to launch your site, and it will be available for search engines to index and for your public to register and access.

If you do not see the launch button, or your site is still not publicly available, your site may have previously been launched and locked. Site Lock provides an extra layer of protection when you’re building your site.

To unlock your site:

  1. Go to Privacy and Security and toggle the Lock Your Site switch off.

  2. Remember to Save your Site Settings.

Congratulations, your site is now live! There are plenty of helpful features in EngagementHQ, so we recommend you keep browsing this help desk for more tips, tricks, and updates. Here are a few things to get you going:

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