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Display a Quick poll as a Widget

Display the quick poll as a widget.

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The Quick poll tool lets participants answer a multi-choice question set by an Admin. It’s also the only tool that can display as a widget.

You can choose how your poll displays in the tool's settings but can’t show it as a tool and widget in the same project. This still applies if you have multiple Quick polls in one project; changing the setting on one will change it for all.

To display a Quick poll as a widget:

  1. On your project page, select Edit for an existing Quick poll or add one.

  2. Go to the Settings tab and enable the Display as widget setting. At any time, you can disable this setting to change it back to a tool.

  3. Save your settings.

  4. On the right side of your project, select Add Widgets.

  5. Select Quick Polls from the widget list.

  6. Check each poll you want to display or select Add quickpoll to build a new one. Quick polls must be published before they show on your site.

  7. You can change the widget title by selecting the pen icon next to the widget name or check the box to Hide title.

  8. Use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide your widget or the bin icon to delete it.

If you have multiple Quick polls, your participants can use the Next and Previous controls to switch between them.

You can drag and drop them in the Quick polls tools list to change which poll displays first.

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