If you have created a project for testing or training, it can easily be deleted. However, you can only delete a project if there are no participant contributions to that project. If you have tested contributions as well, then get in touch with our support team to delete it for you or you can choose to hide the project instead of deleting it.

NOTE: Before you delete a project, check if any of your homepage cards/widgets are still using data from them. If yes, then you will need to change or replace the projects on the homepage card or hide those cards else it can cause the homepage to break on loading. Use the homepage editor to modify these cards before project deletion.

The steps below detail how to delete a project.

If the project is published, it first needs to be unpublished. Click on Unpublish in the dropdown menu.

Once unpublished, the Delete option is available in the dropdown menu.

Clicking on Delete, will display a Delete project box, where you are prompted for your EHQ password. Enter your password in the field and click on the Delete button to permanently delete the project.

If there were some contributions to the project, then you will see an error message as below.

If you require the deletion of a project with participant contribution, please get in touch with our support team.

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