Archiving, un-publishing, and deleting tools.

Learn when to use the archive , unpublish and delete feature for tools

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Un-publish, Archive and Delete options are available for all engagement tools. Use the following information to select the appropriate option for your next consultation.


Use un-publish to put your tools back into draft status. You might select this option if you are required to make any changes to your engagement activity or if you want to hide the tool from the users.

You can test the tool by making submissions to a draft status tool. You can contact the support team via chat or email us at to delete the test submissions.

Note: Submissions made to the draft survey will not be recorded in the database.


Use archive when you want to stop receiving contributions to a published tool. This option will effectively close the use of the tool for participants, and indicate to them that the opportunity for participation is over.

Admins, however, can contribute to archived tools as well. Here's an example of how this works to submit hard copy survey responses.


Deletion of tools is done when you would like to remove the respective tool from the project page itself. Restoring the tool once deleted will not be possible. However, a tool can only be deleted when it has 0 contributions.

If you wish to delete a tool that has contributions, please contact our support team via chat, or email us at

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