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Print surveys and add hard-copy responses
Print surveys and add hard-copy responses

Create a printable PDF of your survey and enter hard-copy responses

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You can generate PDFs of the surveys you create in EngagementHQ for in-person engagement. Once you have collected the completed hard-copy surveys, you can submit each entry manually as an administrator.

Before you get started, here are some things to consider:

  • You can only generate a PDF file, and the generator we use will only support Roman script. If you need a different file type, you’ll need to convert it yourself.

  • If blank spaces are in your survey, please convert it to a Word document, remove them, and then convert it back to PDF.

  • Some question types, such as a file upload or dropdown question, cannot be replicated in a hard copy survey. You’ll need to provide instructions for any documents respondents must include and convert dropdown questions to a radio button or checkbox question. Additionally, questions with skip and conditional logic will still display; for conditional questions, the condition applied will be displayed above the question.

  • Never change an already published survey; if you need a slightly different offline version than your online survey, clone the survey, make your changes, and generate a PDF of your unpublished offline survey.

To generate the printable PDF:

  1. Go to your project and select Edit on the survey you want to print.

  2. In the Manage Questions tab, select the Print button.

  3. Your PDF will open in a new window of your browser; you can save it or print it from there.

If you’re distributing a survey both online and offline, you may want to include demographic questions so that they appear for all respondents. This way, you’ll have demographic data from offline participants who haven’t registered with your site.

Enter responses from hard-copy surveys

Once the responses for your printed surveys return, you’ll need to manually add them. As an admin, you can Preview and take the survey as many times as necessary, regardless of the participation setting.

To do this, your survey must be published or archived, and the project must also be published. Responses made to draft surveys are not saved.

  1. Once you’re logged in as an administrator, go to the survey in your project and select Preview. Even if the survey is closed for participants, you will still be able to complete it.

  2. Enter the answers from your hard-copy survey and select Submit.

  3. Repeat these steps for each hard-copy survey response.

It will take a couple of hours for the responses to display in your reports; you may also have separate datasets if your offline and online surveys differ.

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