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How to create a Guestbook tool

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The Guestbook tool allows participants to share their feedback without starting a discussion. Participants can’t reply to, vote, like, or dislike the provided feedback, and comments can be pre- or post-moderated by our moderators. Additionally, admins cannot reply to comments left by participants.

To add a Guestbook to your project:

  1. Select Add a tool on your project page and choose Guestbook; you’ll find this tool in the All or Mixed environment tabs.

  2. Add a title for your Guestbook and select Create.

  3. In the Details tab, you can use the text field to provide an introduction to the Guestbook. For example, you can use this space to discuss what feedback you’re asking for and why or to help you close the loop on the consultation. You can also add rich media, such as images, links, and videos.

  4. Use the Settings tab to change your settings, then select Save.

  5. In the tools tabs, you can choose the pen icon next to the tool name to edit it. You can also select Edit to make further changes, Preview, or Delete it. You can only add one guestbook tool per project.

  6. When you’re ready, use the dropdown menu to Publish the tool.

Once the Guestbook is published, you can Unpublish it to move it back to Draft status and remove it from your live site. If the consultation or feedback period has concluded, you can Archive it so that comments are still visible, but submissions are closed.

You can only Delete a Guestbook if there are no submissions. If users have participated, you will need to contact Support for help with deletion.

Guestbook Settings

In the Guestbook, you can edit these settings:

  • Allow unverified participation: Enable this setting to allow anyone with an email and screen name to participate. This removes the need for your community to register and log in.

  • Post comment only after moderation: Enable this setting to ensure that comments are moderated before they are publicly posted. If you leave this disabled, comments are still moderated after they are public.

  • Thank you message: Use this field to configure a thank you message to display after comments are submitted.

  • Limit submissions length to [x] characters: Check this box and choose a character limit for participant’s submissions. Leave this as ‘0’ and unchecked to have no character limit.

  • Send email acknowledgement to participants after their comment is added to the Guestbook: Check this box to notify participants when their submission is posted.

  • Send email notification to admins when new feedback is added: Check this box to notify admins when there is a new submission. You can use the text field to specify which Admins you want to be informed.

You can make these changes at any time, but remember to Save your Settings whenever you change them.

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